Annabelle the Giraffe & Baby Giraffe Betty on their Live "Whisker-Kiss" Cam - Texas Safari Ranch

Annabelle the Giraffe & Baby Giraffe Betty on their Live "Whisker-Kiss" Cam - Texas Safari Ranch

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Notice: Live Chat is temporarily disabled until further notice. Thank you for understanding & your support of our mission here at Texas Safari Ranch to ensure the survival of endangered/extinct creatures.

Welcome to Texas Safari Ranch's Giraffe House, the home to beloved Annabelle, her calf "Betty" & handsome JM! Annabelle gave birth to a healthy, fierce baby girl named "Betty" on June 24th of 2021 at approx noon & our hearts have been so full ever since! Thank you for caring so much about these gentle giants -- we are honored to share this experience with y'all & hopefully raise awareness about Giraffes along the way.

Texas Safari Ranch is a family-owned and operated ranch with +/-35 species, several of which are considered endangered or extinct in the wild, and more than 700 animals that roam ~1,000 acres of beautiful hillsides. We are so excited to share the ranch with everyone & continue to provide unique experiences for everyone to enjoy. Book one of our awesome lodgings or our Western Town for an event if you would like to visit the ranch & have access to our 8+ miles of paved roads where you can observe and interact with all of our wildlife! We offer three awesome on-site rental properties that you can book & the Saloon in Western Town has hosted some unforgettable events, weddings, reunions, retreats & more.

TSR strives to cultivate joyful platforms to connect the friendly + kind + respectful + curious at heart. From content to chat, we welcome viewers to discuss ideas, be open-minded, assume the best of others, mind the tone of your message, show empathy, & soak-in the value of this shared experience with strangers who are connected around the world over three giraffes that we all love! In the spirit of TSR, we hope viewers will enjoy observing along with us & always walk away from their experiences on our Live Cam(s) feeling uplifted. Gossip is not allowed.

All proceeds go directly back into TSR in order to feed, shelter & maintain the ranch for all of the animals. Thank you for watching & all of the love you show to the creatures at TSR!

Please note that any content shared here is property of Texas Safari Ranch. Non-approved use, broadcasting, or sharing of personally recorded snippets from our Live Feeds is not permitted. We appreciate your cooperation.


100% of proceeds go back into TSR to feed, shelter & maintain the ranch for all of the animals! All merchandise is high-quality. We'll consider adding more items based on the response. Pre-Order closes on July 15th of 2021.

TSR Website -- Booking Info for Houses & Venue:

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TSR YT "Whisker-Kiss" Cam of AB & JM the Giraffes:

TSR YT Birds-Eye Cam of AB & JM:

TSR YT JM the Giraffe’s Backdoor Live Cam View:

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Psst… For your convenience, links to TSR Website & Hard-Wired IP are also included on the banner of our YouTube Channel.

Trippy/Offline YT Stream:
​TSR’s rural location and occasional inclement weather sometimes causes the YouTube Stream to glitch. Since being introduced to the wonderful Giraffe Groupie community we have invested in several things to elevate the quality of our systems in order to provide a better experience for all of our wonderful viewers, but Rome wasn’t built in a day and we are still in the process of installing/implementing all of these things. In the meantime, you can almost always view TSR’s Hard-Wired Live Giraffe Cam by scrolling down to the IP Cam or you can go directly to the hard-wired IP Cam (we prefer you use Texas Safari’s website but it is your choice).

We’ll do our best to keep YouTube up and running but as stated before, the current state of our YT is an issue that is out of our hands. It is due to bad weather and a rural location. Appreciate y’all loving Annabelle like we do. She is super special and we’re blessed to be a part of this amazing community now!

If you would like to enjoy the YouTube Chat but are frustrated with the quality of the YouTube Stream, here’s what we recommend:
Adapt like Annabelle by opening the Hard-Wired TSR Website IP Cam in one window & then simply “pop-out” the YouTube Chat in another window on the opposite side of your screen! Another way to adapt is for those of you with two devices, you can use one device to view the Hard-Wired TSR Website IP Cam & your other device to keep up with the YouTube Live Chat. If you are from mobile & would like to watch the Hard-Wired TSR Website IP Cam as well as keep up with the YouTube Live Chat, you will probably need to keep both in your background & just switch back & forth between them.